Port Aransas Sunrise

March 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I recently spent some time down in Port Aransas - along with thousands of rowdy spring breakers, which made the days interesting and the beach congested. Flashing red and blue lights were a recurring theme.

But those weren't the only red and blue hues I got to see throughout the weekend. After forcing ourselves out of the comfort of my bed in what seemed like the black of night, my girlfriend (yep, she's a trooper) and I made it out to the Horace Caldwell Pier just as the sunrise lightshow began to unfold.

The same beach that had been packed littered with pickup trucks, dogs, and half drunk, sunburned people of all ages was literally empty - availing itself for us to enjoy its beauty in solitude as the sun graced us with its light and warmth.

And there was a surprise; the Big Foot drilling rig - with a platform the same size as four football fields - had finished repairs and been launched out of Port Aransas the night before. We (and a few pods of dolphins) were some of the last Texans to see her off before her voyage out off the coast of Louisiana.

I couldn't be more grateful to have risen early on this sandy morning, and here are a few images to further convey why.


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